1st Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 2 - 8, 1965

André S Dreiding


MONDAY – Moderator: D H R Barton

V Prelog

Fundamental concepts and definitions in stereochemistry

J D Dunitz

Conformations of medium ring compounds

S F Mason

Helical systems

W Lüttke

Innere Beweglichkeit und räumliche Gestalt von Verbindungen des Typs (CH2)nHC-CH(CH2)n


TUESDAY – Moderator: K Freudenberg

A Lüttringhaus

Catena Verbindungen

E Vogel

Cyclisch konjugierte Systeme mit 10 π-Elektronen

H B Henbest

Optically active sulfoxides

U Schöllkopf

Stereochemischer Ablauf der Umlagerungen organischer Anionen


WEDNESDAY – Moderator: A Fredga

J Jacques

Inductions asymétriques à moyenne distance, en série aliphatique

W v Philipsborn

Konfigurations- und Konformationsanalyse durch kernmagnetische Resonanz: Möglichkeiten und Grenzen

P Corradini

Molecular asymmetry in the coordination of olefines to transition metals


THURSDAY – Moderator: V Prelog

J W Cornforth

Detailed stereochemistry of squalene biosynthesis

E Katchalski

Effect of microenvironment on the mode of action of enzymes and conformation of polypeptides in solution


Group discussion:
Possibilities of a European scientific conference organization

M E Perutz

Some relations between the structure and sequence of myoglobin and haemoglobin


FRIDAY – Moderator: E E Havinga

M Farina

Asymmetric synthesis of polymers

K Mislow

Some quantitative studies of mobile conformation equilibria


Group discussion:
Fundamental concepts and definitons in stereochemistry