3rd Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 30 - May 6, 1967

Jean Jacques


MONDAY – Moderator: G Ourisson

L Horner

Zur Stereochemie organischer Phosphor- und Arsen- Verbindungen

A Rassat

Études stéréochimiques sur les radicaux stables

R C Cookson

Some 1-3 allylic rearrangments


TUESDAY – Moderator: A Kjær

P von R Schleyer

Strain in "strain free" molecules

J F Oth

Changements de conformation et isomérisation de valence dans les polyènes cycliques

O Bastiansen

Intramolecular motion and conformation problems in free molecules as studied by electron diffraction


WEDNESDAY – Moderator: J Donohue

G W Gray

Molecular structure and properties of liquid crystals

G Schmidt

The solid state of a medium for stereospecific reactions

E Ruch & I Ugi

Stereochemistry as a problem of group theory


THURSDAY – Moderator: A Eschenmoser

B Liberek

Racemization and stereoselectivity in peptide synthesis

V T Ivanov

Topochemical approach to the structure-activity relation of peptides and enzymes

R Schwyzer

The translation of aminoacid sequence into biological activity experiments with charge-transfer complexes

J Monod

Géométrie des structures quaternaires dans les protéines globulaires


FRIDAY – Moderator: G Wittig

H Schmid

Stereochemistry of the claisen rearrangement

P Pino

Stereoelective and stereoselective polymerization of racemic α-olefines

W von E Doering

Selected thermal reorganizations