5th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 4 - 10, 1969

Anders Kjær


MONDAY – Moderator: P Pino

H G Khorana

Current work on the total synthesis of genes for transfer ribonucleic acids

H Felkin

Some reactions involving allylic alcohols

E Wenkert

The quaternary carbon atom


TUESDAY – Moderator: P von R Schleyer

S Lifson

A consistent force field for calculation of conformations and vibrational spectra of molecules


Group discussion: Molecular energies

A Dreiding

Proposal of a new combinatorial graph theory based on chirality and some applications in stereochemistry


WEDNESDAY – Moderator: O Wintersteiner

R U Lemieux

Solvation effects on conformational equilibria

N K Kochetkov

Stereospecific synthesis of polysaccharides via sugar orthoesters


THURSDAY – Moderator: K A Jensen

F H Westheimer

Pseudorotation in the hydrolysis of phosphate esters


FRIDAY – Moderator: J F Oth

J W Cornforth

The chiral methyl group