6th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 3 - 9, 1970

E Havinga


MONDAY – Moderator: J D Dunitz

W N Lipscomb

Structure and function of carboxypeptidase A

J N Jansonius

Structure of papain

I Schechter

Stereochemistry of binding of substrates and inhibitors of papain

W D Ollis

Conformational behaviour of substituted olefins


TUESDAY – Moderator: C H DePuy

H A Staab

Some stereochemical problems in the benzoannulene and benzodehydroannulene series

G S Hammond

Stereochemistry and excited states

E Heilbronner

Some applications of photoelectron-spectroscopy


WEDNESDAY – Moderator: G Quinkert

D Bryce-Smith

Stereochemical aspects of the photochemistry of benzene

J J C Mulder

Permutation symmetry in concerted reactions


THURSDAY – Moderator: J Sicher

J B Hendrickson

The shape of cycloheptane

J M Lehn

Cryptates, a new class of metal cation complexes

R H Martin

The helicenes


FRIDAY – Moderator: L J Oosterhoff

L Salem & H Kagan

Narcissistic reactions

G M J Schmidt

Reactions in chiral crystals

D Arigoni

Stereochemical aspects of some pyridoxal-phosphate catalyzed reactions