7th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 2 - 8, 1971

Hans Musso


MONDAY Moderator: R H Martin

Jack E Baldwin

Rearrangements of dipolar species

W Roth

Stereochemistry of non-concerted reactions

H E Simmons

Macrobicyclic molecules


TUESDAY Moderator: J M Lehn

W Simon

Alkali cation specificity of biological systems, model compounds and model membranes

R Winkler

Kinetics and mechanisms of alkali ion carriers

M Eigen

Evolution of biological macromolecules


WEDNESDAY Moderator: J F M Oth

W H Pirkle

The use of chiral NMR solvents to determine optical purities and absolute configurations

H Fischer

Chemically induced dynamic nuclear polarization during some thermal and photochemical radical reactions


THURSDAY Moderator: J M Robertson

G Stork

Epoxynitrile cyclizations and related matters

E Winterfeldt

Stereochemische Aspekte der Geissoschizin Synthese

A Eschenmoser

The B12-problem


FRIDAY Moderator: G Chiurdoglu

J M Conia

Some aspects of the thermal cyclization of unsaturated carbonyl compounds

J K Sutherland

The cyclization of medium ring olefins

G Olah

The general concept and new aspects of electrophilic reactions involving carbocations