9th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 29 - May 5, 1973

Richard H Martin

Guests of Honor:

Sir Robert Robinson


MONDAY Moderator: J M Lehn

H Wynberg

Spiral spin-offs

W von Philipsborn

The present role of carbon magnetic resonance in structural chemistry

R C D Breslow

Recent studies on conjugated systems


TUESDAY Moderator: J D Dunitz

R J Gillespie

Some recent thoughts on the prediction of molecular geometry by the VSEPR theory

L S Bartell

Molecular structures, rigid and nonrigid; some guidelines

O Sinanoglu

Quantum theory of intramolecular forces and potential energy surfaces


WEDNESDAY Moderator: G D Mateescu

G Binsch

Time-averaged intensive parameters and molecular energetics in acyclic systems

J Ficini

Recent aspects of ynamine chemistry


THURSDAY Moderator: E Havinga

G Schröder

Recent advances in annulene chemistry

J Reisse

The screening constant problem in nuclear
magnetic resonance

L J Oosterhoff

Stereochemical inferences from interaction of
light and matter


FRIDAY Moderator: V Prelog

L Ghosez

Recent studies on polar cycloadditions

H Kagan

Some aspects of asymmetric catalysis by chiral rhodium complexes

A R Battersby

Porphyrins and corrins