10th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 5 - 11, 1974

Jean-Marie Lehn


MONDAY Moderator: M Simonetta

H B Bürgi

Stereochemistry of reaction paths

D L Bunker

Simple reaction stereochemistry via computer experiments

M Karplus

Structure and function of hemoglobin

E Ruch

Chirality in chemistry


TUESDAY Moderator: G Schwarzenbach

R Corriu

New results concerning the mechanism of the nucleophilic substitution on silicon atom

N Kornblum

Substitution and elimination reactions which proceed via radical anion intermediates

M L H Green

Aspects of the use of organo-transition metal compounds as reagents for organic synthesis


WEDNESDAY Moderator: K Bloch

J P Changeux

A study on the mode of action of acetyl-choline at the molecular level

W S Johnson

Recent developments in non-enzymic biogenetic-like olefinic cyclization


THURSDAY Moderator: J Dale

F Sondheimer

Some aspects of annulene chemistry

P E Eaton

The [n.2.2] propellanes

O Chapman

Low temperature photochemistry


FRIDAY Moderator: W N Lipscomb

J R Knowles

A perfect enzyme

R Huber

The trypsin-trypsin inhibitor complex; an example of very strong and specific protein-protein interaction

H Kuhn

A model of selforganization of molecular systems