12th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 9 - 15, 1976

Alan R Battersby


MONDAY Moderator: A Brossi

G W Kirby

The stereochemistry of some microbial transformations

David A. van Dorp

Essential fatty acids and prostaglandins

G Büchi

Synthetic studies on natural products


TUESDAY Moderator: R Scheffold

K B Sharpless

Atom transfer oxidations of olefins

G Saucy

Asymmetric reactions applied to the synthesis of α-tocopherol

D Arigoni

Chiral methyl groups revisited


WEDNESDAY Moderator: M Anteunis

P Chini

Some problems from the chemistry of the metal cluster carbonyl compounds

K Nakanishi

The structures of some bioactive natural products


THURSDAY Moderator: F H Westheimer

M Lazdunski

Molecular aspects of nerve conduction

M Akhtar

Chemical approaches to the elucidation of mechanisms of enzymic reactions: illustrations from the field of natural product biosynthesis

F McCapra

Current problems in bioluminescence


FRIDAY Moderator: P Pino

D Seebach

Some regio- and stereochemical aspects in carbanion chemistry

J-H Fuhrhop

Molecular complexes and oxygen adducts of tetrapyrrole pigments

D C Phillips

Studies of the structure and activity of triose phosphate isomerase