13th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 1 - 7, 1977

Piero Pino

Guest of Honor:

Gerold Schwarzenbach


MONDAY Moderator: J F Bunnett

M Karplus

Theoretical aspects of chemical dynamics

M Szwarc

Electron photoejection and its application in studies of mechanism of cis-trans isomerization induced by electron transfer

P Deslongchamps

Stereoelectronic control in hydrolytic reactions


TUESDAY Moderator: R Mason

M Julia

Organic synthesis with sulfones

L M Venanzi

The use of tailor-made ligands for stereochemical study of organometallic reactions

F Calderazzo

Insertion reactions into metal-carbon bonds


WEDNESDAY Moderator: A Dreiding

J Halpern

Kinetic and mechanistic aspects of homogeneous catalytic processes

R F Heck

Catalytic reactions of organic halides with alkenes


THURSDAY Moderator: H Kagan

H Brunner

"Asymmetric" metal atoms

B Bogdanović

Homogeneous transition metal catalysts in asymmetric synthesis

G W Parshall

Activation of C-H bonds by transition metal complexes


FRIDAY Moderator: H A Staab

F G Gault

Reaction mechanisms in heterogeneous catalysis

F Eckstein

Nucleoside phosphorothioates - tools for the investigation of enzymes

T C Bruice

Oxygen activation, electron transfer and dehydrogenations catalyzed by flavins