14th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 30 - May 6, 1978

H A Staab


MONDAY Moderator: P Pino

Ch Tamm

Synthetic and biosynthetic studies on natural products

C H Heathcock

An approach to the total synthesis of macrolides using stereoselective aldol condensations

L D Barron

Raman optical activity


TUESDAY Moderator: L Salem

R Hoffmann

Stereochemistry and conformational preferences in organometallic complexes

Nguyen Trong Anh

A theoretical study of the stereochemistry of some nucleophilic additions and substitutions

N J Turro

The stereoelectronic requirements of photochemical and chemiluminescent organic reactions


WEDNESDAY Moderator: A S Dreiding

G Illuminati

Ease of ring formation by intramolecular reactions

H H Wasserman

Recent studies on oxygenation of organic compounds


THURSDAY Moderator: D Seebach

M Lahav

The planning and execution of an "absolute" asymmetric synthesis of polymers with quantitative enantiomeric yield

H Hopf

A novel cyclophane synthesis and its applications

Ch Rüchardt

Stability, strain and structure of crowded hydrocarbons


FRIDAY Moderator: D H R Barton

Th Wieland

The stereochemistry of some bicyclic peptides

V F Bystrov

Solution conformations by NMR technique: from peptides to proteins

W Guschlbauer

Conformational features of nucleotides, oligonucleotides and nucleic acids

Ch Weissmann

Site-directed mutagenesis as a tool in genetics