18th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 25 - May 1, 1982

Rolf Huisgen

Guest of Honor:

Vladimir Prelog


MONDAY Moderator: H Musso

B Ganem

New stereochemical findings in synthetic and biological chemistry

J Mulzer

Stereoselective additions of carboxylic acid enolates and β-lactone enolates

R A Raphael

Acetylenes in action


TUESDAY Moderator: C Szántay

T Mukaiyama

New approaches to the synthesis of carbohydrates

G Helmchen

Functional groups at concave sites: application of a general concept in the field of asymmetric synthesis with esters

L Leiserowitz

Direct assignment of absolute configuration of chiral molecules via changes in crystal habit induced by tailor-made impurities


WEDNESDAY Moderator: K Schaffner

R Srinivasan

Organic photochemistry in the far ultraviolet: methylenecyclopropanes, vinylcyclopropanes, and allylcyclopropanes

A G Schultz

Stereochemical, mechanistic and synthetic aspects of photochemical six electron heterocyclization reactions


THURSDAY Moderator: J Mathieu

M Mikolajczyk

Selected problems and results on chiral organosulphur and organophosphorus compounds

D N Reinhoudt

Thermal [2+2]-cycloaddition reactions of acetylenes: mechanistic aspects and applications in synthesis

J Montreuil

Structure and conformation of glycoproteins in relation with their metabolism and their biological role


FRIDAY Moderator: E Heilbronner

J L Beauchamp

New methods for characterizing the structures and energetics of organic cations in the gas phase

H Schwarz

Potential energy profiles for some unimolecular reactions of gaseous cations

J P Maier

Spectroscopic and relaxation studies of open-shell organic cations in the gas phase