20th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 29 - May 4, 1984

Léon A Ghosez


MONDAY Moderator: E Havinga

S Masamune

Recent advances in stereochemical control: multiple asymmetric induction

S Roberts

Photochemical conversions as key steps in the synthesis of some natural products

W G Hol

The α-helix dipole and enzyme catalysis, protein folding, cancer and drug design


TUESDAY Moderator: G Smets

S Danishefsky

The hetero diels-alder reaction of aldehydes with activated dienes: a general new strategy for stereospecific synthesis

P Sinaÿ

Molecular basis of the biological activity of heparin

H Ringsdorf

Polvreactions in oriented systems - polymeric liposomes as models for biomembranes and cells?


WEDNESDAY Moderator: R Huisgen

H G Viehe

Breaking and forming bonds via carbon radicals

B Giese

Stereochemistry and synthetic application of radical C-C-bond formation reactions


THURSDAY Moderator: L Ghosez

E Fujita

Asymmetric synthesis utilizing functional chiral heterocycles

M R Uskokovic

Asymmetric synthesis of natural products

D Moras

tRNA: a versatile molecule

Wang Yu

Protein chemistry in China


FRIDAY Moderator: M Julia

I Tabushi

Preparation of regiospecifically disubstituted β-cyclodextrins and their guest-recognition capacities

A Shanzer

Structural analogs of naturally occurring ionophores in the search for artificial ion carriers

P Wender

New strategy level reactions for facile, complex molecule synthesis