23rd Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 3 - 9, 1987

Dieter Seebach


MONDAY Moderator: N Speckamp

M Mutter

The construction of artificial proteins

S Brenner

Stereoselectivity of enzymatic reactions

M Zenk

Plant cell cultures: stereospecific formation of alkaloids


TUESDAY Moderator: H Ringsdorf

W F Maier

On the nature of C-H-bond formation and activation on heterogenous catalysts

T Kunitake

Helical superstructures of synthetic bilayer membranes formation and functions

D A Tomalia

Starburst dendrimers control of size, shape and surface at the molecular level


WEDNESDAY Moderator: G Ourisson

P B Dervan

Molecular recognition of DNA, a synthetic chemists' perspective

O Kennard

A new look at the double helix structural studies of normal and mismatched DNA fragments


THURSDAY Moderator: E Winterfelt

J Rebek Jr

Model studies in molecular recognition

K N Houk

Stereoselectivities of organic reactions: theoretical predictions and experimental tests

Th Laube

Experimental proof of electronic effects in alicyclic carbocations  a challenge for computational chemistry


FRIDAY Moderator: J D Dunitz

L Addadi

Stereochemistry at crystal surfaces: a different approach to biomineralization

K Bechgaard

Conducting and superconducting organic solids: design, synthesis and properties

D M Walba

Design of high performance ferroelectric liquid cristals