24th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 1 - 7, 1988

W Nico Speckamp


MONDAY Moderator: H Wynberg

E P Kündig

Some recent developments in the transformation of arenes via transition metal complexes

S-I Murahashi

New methods for catalytic oxidation of amines and their application for organic synthesis

S-P Sauvage

Interlocking of coordinating molecular threads:
catenands and catenates


TUESDAY Moderator: J Kutney

K Koga

Enantioselective asymmetric aynthesis using chiral bases

J H van Boom

Phosphorylation in organic chemistry

G Bringmann

The stereoselective synthesis of axially
chiral natural products


WEDNESDAY Moderator: D Bellus

A Ludi

Coordination chemistry of ruthenium: redox pathway and substitution kinetics

C J M Stirling

The effect of strain on reactivity


THURSDAY Moderator: U K Pandit

H Schoemaker

Porphyrins in the biodegradation of lignin

M Tomasz

Bioreductive alkylation of DNA by the mitomycins: crosslinks between chemistry and biology

P G Schultz

The interplay between chemistry and biology in the design of new catalysts


FRIDAY Moderator: M Vandewalle

P Kocienski

Stereoselective synthesis via enol ethers

J E McMurry

Synthesis and reactions of an in.out-bicycloalkane

R M Williams

Bicyclomycin: a mechanistic, biological
and synthetic Pandoras' box