25th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 30 - May 6, 1989

Rolf Scheffold


together with all Former Presidents

Guest of Honor:

Vladimir Prelog


MONDAY – Moderator: J-M Lehn

V Balzani

Photochemical molecular devices


Moderator: J Jacques

A Collet

The homochiral versus heterochiral packing dilemma




The Bürgenstock conferences on stereochemistry


TUESDAY – Moderator: Moderator: D Ollis

T Goto

Metalloanthocyanins and molecular stacking of flavonoids


Moderator: L Ghosez

B Ernst

The oviposition-deterring pheromone in Rhagoletis cerasi


Moderator: Sir D Barton

S E Denmark

The stereochemistry of complexation of aldehydes and acetals with Lewis acids: implications for stereoselection


WEDNESDAY – Moderator: J Dunitz

G A Somorjai

The structure of organic monolayers on metal surfaces and their role in catalytic selectivity


Moderator: J Dale

P Laszlo

Organic chemistry at interfaces


THURSDAY – Moderator: P Pino

R R Schrock

Well-defined alkylidene complexes and their application as catalysts for controlled ring-opening metathesis polymerization


Moderator: M Julia

A J L Beckwith

Stereoselectivity in radical rearrangements and related reactions


Moderator: Sir A R Battersby

A Eschenmoser

Why not hexosenucleic acids?


FRIDAY – Moderator: E Winterfeldt

U Lindahl

Biosynthesis of heparin


Moderator: D Arigoni

J K Barton

Targeting DNA sites with metal complexes


Moderator: D Seebach

E-L Winnacker

Why does a mouse look a mouse?