26th ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 28 - May 4, 1991

Helmut Ringsdorf


MONDAY Moderator: R Scheffold

J-M Lehn

Helicate self-organisation a double twisted stereochemistry

M Green

The peculiar stereochemistry of a helical macromolecular worm (short lecture)

H Kunz

Carbohydrates as carriers of chiral information in stereoselective synthesis


POSTER Session Moderator: M Hanack


TUESDAY Moderator: G Ourisson

R H Grubbs

Polymer synthesis with organometallic complexes

R Zentel

Functionalized liquid crystalline polymers: towards NLO applications and piezo sensors (short lecture)

A Pfaltz

Design of chiral ligands for enantioselective catalysis (short lecture)

K Müllen

Tailoring photochemical and electrochemical reactivity of conjugated π-systems: the macromolecular and supramolecular approach (short lecture)

Y Rubin

Novel allotropes of carbon (short lecture)

G M Whitesides

Molecular self-assembly in two and three dimensions


WEDNESDAY Moderator: A Maelicke

D Oesterhelt

A photochemical switch for ion translocation and optical information storage

E Kosower

A holistic approach to receptor and channel structure

F Vögtle

Guest selective molecular cavities: recognition and transport of nucleoside bases (short lecture)


THURSDAY Moderator: A Eschenmoser

S Benkovic

Enzymes and ABzymes

R Lerner

ABzymes and Enzymes

A Plückthun

Protein engineering for understanding antibody catalysis (short lecture)

D Hilvert

Reparing genetic defects with catalytic antibodies (short lecture)

G Fischer

Studies on the isomerization of the peptide bond (short lecture)


FRIDAY Moderator: J Sunamoto

R D Kornberg

Two-dimensional crystallization technique with applications to structure determination of RNA-polymerases

N Ise

Ultra-small angle scattering: a new method to study micron size fluctuations (short lecture)

H-J Güntherodt

STM and related techniques: imaging, spectroscopy, modification and manipulation on an atomic and molecular scale

J Frommer

STM and AFM imaging of ordered organic materials (short lecture)


Moderator: K Müller

R J P Williams

Biological communication and biological crystal growth