27th ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 26 - May 2, 1992

Guy Ourisson


MONDAY Morning Session – Moderator: H Ringsdorf

K A Dill

The forces of protein folding and inverse folding

C M Dobson

NMR studies of protein structure and folding

E Benedetti

Non-coded residues as building blocks in the design of specific secondary structures of bioactive peptides


MONDAY Evening Session

U W Suter

Conformation and packing of simple macromolecules


TUESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: W Oppolzer

K P C Vollhardt

Trasition metals and their π-ligands:
how either one gives rise to novel arrays of the other

J F Normant

Gem bis metallic reagents in acyclic stereocontrol

F Mathey

Chemical analogies between P=C and C=C π-bonds: the case of concerted reactions


TUESDAY Evening Session – Moderator: A Shanzer

F N Diederich

On the allotropy of carbon: from fullerenes to network polymers


WEDNESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: R Scheffold

W Oppolzer

Reagent- and catalyst-controlled asymmetric syntheses of β-aminols and secondary allyl alcohols

N S Zefirov

Novel electrophilic reagents and reactions


THURSDAY Morning Session – Moderator: J Retey

A I Scott

How nature synthesizes vitamin B12:
a survey of the last 4 billion years

P Albrecht

Origin and long-term fate of molecular fossils:
steroids and polyterpenoids in the subsurface


THURSDAY Evening Session – Moderator: D Moras

A Yonath

On the structure of the ribosome


FRIDAY Morning Session – Moderator: H Schwarz

U Jönsson

Real-time biospecific interaction analysis

C A A van Boeckel

Synthetic fragments of bio-macromolecules:
an avenue to new therapeutic applications

A Van Dorsselair

Mass spectrometry of large molecules:
new possibilities and new rules


FRIDAY Evening Session – Moderator: J Reisse

J M Greenberg

Chemical evolution of interstellar dust:
a possible source of life’s origin