28th ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 2 - 8, 1993

Wolfgang Oppolzer


David N Reinhoudt


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: E Winterfeldt

L Hegedus

Synthesis of amino acids and peptides using photochemical reactions of chromium complexes

J E Bäckvall

Stereocontrol in palladium-catalyzed reactions


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: B Giese

G van Koten

Copper arenethiolates as catalysts in stereoselective conjugate additon reactions: organometallic and synthetic aspects

B H Lipschutz

New synthetic methods via organocopper intermediates


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: D N Reinhoudt

W L Jorgensen

Molecular recognition in organic and biochemical systems

P B Sigler

Stereochemistry of specific protein-DNA interactions: lessons at high resolution


TUESDAY Evening Session Moderator: D N Reinhoudt

G L Verdine

The chemistry of DNA methylation


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: T S Livinghouse

Y Ito

New insertion reactions of isonitriles into organometallic compounds: generation of α-(N-arylimino) alkylsamarium (III) synthetic-equivalents to acyl anions and enantioselective polymerization of 1,2-diisocyano-arenes catalyzed by palladium (II) complex

E N Jacobsen

Asymetric catalytic oxidation of unfunctionalized alkenes


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: R M Williams

Ch-H Wong

Enzymes as catalysts for synthesis and as targets for inhibition

A R Fersht

The pathway of folding of a protein


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: H B Bürgi

H G von Schnering

The curvature of chemical structures


FRIDAY Morning Session Moderator: W N Speckamp

D P Curran

Stereochemical control in radical reactions

A Dondoni

Stereocontrolled synthetic methods via thiazole-based masked formylation: new routes to carbohydrates and unusual amino acids

P Knochel

New stereoselective reactions mediated by organozinc reagents


FRIDAY Evening Session Moderator: G Ourisson

G Stork

Strychinine and quinine: old problems revisited