29th ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, May 1 - 7, 1994

David N Reinhoudt


Helmut Schwarz

Guest of Honor:

Jack D. Dunitz


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: W N Speckamp

A N Hamilton

The design of artificial receptors for complexation, catalysis, and controlled aggregation

R Ungaro

Molecular recognition properties of synthetic receptors based on calixarenes


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: F Winkler

D C Wiley

Structural studies: antigen and superantigen binding to MHC molecules and membrane fusion


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: G Verdine

D L Boger

The duocarmycins: synthetic and mechanistic studies

L M Gierasch

Protein folding and how molecular chaperones may facilitate it


TUESDAY Evening Session Moderator: H C J Ottenheijm

C T Walsh

Studies on the first two enzymes of bacterial peptidoglycan assembly


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: W Oppolzer

V Snieckus

Directed aromatic metalation: a continuing education in flatland chemistry

J K M Sanders

Can synthetic enzyme mimics compete with catalytic antibodies?


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: F Gago

B L Feringa

Chiroptical molecular switches

J de Mendoza

Self-assembly, molecular recognition and chiral discrimination through hydrogen bonds


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: A Dondoni

G Wegner

Construction of supramolecular architectures by shape-persistent macromolecules


FRIDAY Morning Session Moderator: H Schwarz

K N Raymond

Stereognostic coordination chemistry

E Kimura

Novel supramolecular chemistry with macrocyclic polyamines


FRIDAY Evening Session Moderator: H Schwarz

S V Ley

Synthesis and chemistry using dispiroketals