31st ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 28 - May 4, 1996

François Diederich


Steven V Ley

Guest of Honor:

Guy Ourisson


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: L Addadi

A G Myers

Neocarzinostatin: a new mechanistic puzzle and a synthetic problem solver

R Ghadiri

Peptide architecture: from form to function


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: A Eschenmoser

J-A Stubbe

Ribonucleotide reductases: radical enzymes with suicidal tendencies


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: H Ringsdorf

D A Dougherty

Physical organic chemistry on the brain

J S Siegel

Stereochemical variations on the sphere


TUESDAY Evening Session Moderator: J de Mendoza

B Meijer

Dendrimers and supramolecular polymer chemistry


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: H Schwarz

J S Moore

Modular chemistry, molecular architecture, and functional materials

A Hirsch

Regioselective addition reactions and framework modifications of buckminsterfullerene (C60)


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: F Winkler

F A Quiocho

Structural basis of stereospecificity of an enzyme (adenosine deaminase) and a phosphate receptor for active transport

D Lilley

Folding of branched nucleic acids: recognition and catalysis


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: M Lahav

H Bock

What crystallizes how and why? Static aspects of molecular self-organization from single-crystal structure data


FRIDAY Morning Session Moderator: G Solladié

M Shibasaki

Catalytic asymmetric synthesis using heterobimetallic complexes

R R Schmidt

New aspects of glycoside bond formation


FRIDAY Evening Session Moderator: S V Ley

W C Still

Combinatorial chemistry and molecular recognition