32nd ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 27 - May 3, 1997

Steven V Ley


Manfred T Reetz

Guest of Honor:

Sir Alan Battersby


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: A Dondoni

D L D Caspar

Five-fold symmetry in quasicrystal, fullerene and virus structures

G Pattenden

Macro- and polycycle constructions 'organised' by radicals and metal templating


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: L Weber

I K Ugi

Fast and permanent changes in organic chemistry through multicomponent reactions and their libraries


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: B Luisi

W A Hendrickson

Structural analysis of phosphotransfer catalysis by HIT family proteins

T Richmond

The structure of the nucleosome core of chromatin: 8 proteins and 146bp of DNA


TUESDAY Evening Session Moderator: D Lilley

S Harrison

Protein assemblies in DNA recognition and DNA translocation


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: J F Normant

H J Jennings

Extended helical polysaccharide epitopes and their role in glycoconjugate vaccines against bacterial infections

K Suzuki

Stereochemical issues met in the synthesis of sugar-aromatic and isoprenoid-aromatic hybrid natural products


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: D H G Crout

U B Sleytr

Crystalline bacterial cell surface layers (S-layers): from cell structure to biomimetics

P F Leadlay

Stereochemical aspects of complex polyketide biosynthesis


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: J S Siegel

G Newkome

Construction of dendritic Superstructures


FRIDAY Morning Session Moderator: A Pfaltz

S Kobayashi

New types of Lewis acid catalysts used in stereoselective organic reactions

E M Carreira

Asymmetric synthesis with transition-metal reagents and catalysts


FRIDAY Evening Session Moderator: M T Reetz

A B Smith, III

Recent advances in the total synthesis of architecturally complex natural products