33rd ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 26 - May 2, 1998

Manfred T Reetz


Javier de Mendoza

Guest of Honor:

Helmut Ringsdorf


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: Michael Famulok

Eric T Kool

Synthetic mimics of the structure and function of DNA

Jennifer A Doudna

RNA gets in shape: structure and folding of a group I ribozyme


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: Ewa Rogalska

Bauke W Dijkstra

Insights in enzyme mechanisms from X-ray crystallography


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Donald Hilvert

Francine B Perler

Protein splicing: mechanism and use of intein generated thioesters

Alexey Margolin

Protein crystals as novel microporous materials


TUESDAY Evening Session Moderator: Peter Chen

Wolfram Sander

The story of meta- and para-benzyne


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Kai Johnsson

Barbara Imperiali

A chemical approach towards understanding protein glycosylation

Herbert Waldmann

Organic synthesis and biological signal transduction


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: Ben L Feringa

David Milstein

The design of new metal-complex catalysis

Antonio Togni

Still ferrocenyl ligands, but not only ...


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: Helmut Schwarz

Martin Quack

Fundamental symmetries and the physical-chemical foundations of molecular chirality


FRIDAY Morning Session Moderator: Steven V Ley

Dieter Hoppe

Chiral carbanion pairs: new insight and synthetic appications

Shinji Murai

The catalytic C-H/olefin coupling as a new synthetic tool


FRIDAY Evening Session Moderator: Javier de Mendoza

Stephen F Martin

Chemistry of biofunctional molecules