34th ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 24 - 30, 1999

Javier de Mendoza


Jean F Normant

Guest of Honor:

Jean-Marie Lehn


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: M Reza Ghadiri

Roderick MacKinnon

Structure and mechanisms of potassium channels

Samuel H Gellman

Heteropolymer folding: proteins and beyond


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: Rocco Ungaro

David N Reinhoudt

Non-covalent synthesis of (chiral) nanostructures


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Andreas Pfaltz

José Elguero

Transfer and localization of hydrogen in the solid state

Thomas W Ebbesen

Disk, cones & tubes: geometry in the chemistry of carbon


TUESDAY Evening Session Moderator: Alexandre Alexakis

Alex Pines

Novel NMR and MRI techniques for the study of chemical structure and dynamics


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Antonio M Echavarren

José Barluenga

Fischer carbene complexes:
shaping new organic transformations

Stephen L Buchwald

New catalytic processes for organic and materials synthesis


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: Jean-Pierre Sauvage

Roeland J M Nolte

Helical molecular programming

Makoto Fujita

Metal-directed assembly of discrete nanostructures:
macrocycles, catenanes, tubes, cages, and capsules


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: Anthony P Davis

Dudley H Williams

Supramolecular assemblies and glycopeptide antibiotics


FRIDAY Morning Session Moderator: Erick M Carreira

Luis Echegoyen

Electrochemical transformations of fullerenes

Alois Fürstner

Transition metal catalyzed syntheses of carbo- and heterocycles


FRIDAY Evening Session Moderator: Jean-François Normant

Lutz F Tietze

Drug design in the development of new selective anticancer agents