35th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 29 - May 5, 2000

Jean François Normant


Andrea Vasella

Guest of Honor:

Henri B Kagan


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: Javier De Mendoza

Peter Beak

Regioselective and stereoselective lithiation-substitution reactions: mechanistic pathways and synthetic consequences

Alexandre Alexakis

New developments in chiral diamine chemistry


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: Ilan Marek

Koichi Mikami

Asymmetric activation in asymmetric catalysis


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Michael E Jung

Angelo Gavezotti

The crystal packing of organic compounds:
reality versus computer simulation

Jacques Livage

From glasses to hybrid materials


TUESDAY Evening Session Moderator: Gerard Van Koten

Andrew B Holmes

Seeing polymers in a new light


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Fritz Winkler

Peter E Wright

Structure and dynamics in protein folding and macromolecular recognition

J A Katzenellenbogen

Steroid receptors: a nexus between chemistry and biology


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: David Grierson

André B Charette

New reagents for the stereoselective cyclopropanation of unfunctionalized olefins

Carsten Bolm

Asymmetric catalysis with and without metals:
from small molecules to polymers


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: Marco A Ciufolini

Varinder K Aggarwal

Novel catalytic asymmetric processes for epoxidation and related reactions


FRIDAY Morning Session Moderator: Siegfried Blechert

Max Malacria

Highly stereoselective radical and transition metal catalyzed polycyclisation reactions

Eiichi Nakamura

O Copper wherefore art thou Copper?
Molecular pictures of organocuprates in action


FRIDAY Evening Session Moderator: Andrea Vasella

Scott Rychnovsky

Stereochemical consequences of radical and
cationic reactions