37th ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 13 - 19, 2002

Lia Addadi


Jan-E Bäckvall

Guest of Honor:

Helmut Schwarz


SUNDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Jack D Dunitz

Dorit Hanein

Deciphering the structure of biological machines
at the leading edge of motile cells

Avi Minsky

Ordered assemblies and phase transitions in living systems: the ultimate stress response


SUNDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Steve Weiner

Steve Weiner


Jeremy R Young

Coccolith biomineralization –
morphological complexity from biological modification of anisotropic mineral nucleation and growth


MONDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Jan-E Bäckvall

Mark Lautens

New metal-promoted reactions and their utility
in organic synthesis

Siegfried Blechert

Domino-metathesis and more


MONDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Mike McBride

Takuzo Aida

Bio-inspired approaches to materials science
with nanoscopic objects and chiral motifs


TUESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Don Hilvert

David A Tirrell

From new amino acids to new supramolecular architectures

Thomas V O’Halloran

The inorganic chemistry of the cell: mechanisms of the metalloregulatory and metallochaperone proteins


WEDNESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Jay Siegel

István Markó

Development of novel methodologies for the efficient synthesis of complex natural products

Dieter Enders

New methods for the asymmetric synthesis of bioactive compounds


WEDNESDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Andrea Vasella

Amir H Hoveyda

Problems in asymmetric catalysis:
catalyst discovery, selectivity & practicality


THURSDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Meir Lahav

Samuel I Stupp

Materials through self-assembly and templating

Galen D Stucky

Organizing system component domains in composite materials: synthesis, structure, and function


THURSDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Helmut Ringsdorf

Ruth Duncan

Polymers, from plastics to polymer therapeutics?