38th ESF/Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 26 - May 2, 2003

Jan-E Bäckvall


Herbert Waldmann

Guest of Honor:

Léon Ghosez


SUNDAY Morning Session – Moderator: David Tanner

Anthony G M Barrett

An obsession with macrocyclic compounds

T V RajanBabu

Stereochemical control in inter- and intramolecular reactions of olefins and acetylenes


SUNDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Bernhard Kräutler

Manfred T Reetz

Evolutionary and combinatorial methods in enantioselective (bio)catalysis


MONDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Herbert Waldmann

Klaas Martinus Pos

On the structure and function of bacterial pumps and bacterial protein glycosylation

Jeffery W Kelly

The chemistry and biology of misfolding diseases


MONDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Lia Addadi

Ari Helenius

Quality control during protein folding


TUESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Carsten Bolm

Karl Anker Jørgensen

A failed reaction leading to new catalytic asymmetric transformations

David W C MacMillan

Development of new catalysis concepts of
broad utility to chemical synthesis


WEDNESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Varinder K Aggarwal

Pher G Andersson

Development and application of a new class
of chiral ligands

Masahiro Murakami

The stereochemistry of electrocyclic reactions
dominated by hyperconjugation rather than sterics


WEDNESDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Franz Schmidtchen

Chris A Hunter

Quantitative approaches to molecular recognition


THURSDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Peter Bäuerle

David A Leigh

Tooling up for nanoworld: hydrogen bond assembled ‘molecular machinery’

Takashi Kato

Nanostructured liquid crystals:
supramolecular self-assembly of soft materials


THURSDAY Evening Session – Moderator: François Diederich

Timothy M Swager

Polymer electronics for ultra-sensitive
chemical and biological sensors