39th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 17-23, 2004

Herbert Waldmann


Alain Krief

Guest of Honor:

Ekkehard Winterfeldt


SUNDAY Morning Session Moderator: Margaret Kayser

Roger S Goody

Structural and mechanistic aspects of regulation of vesicular transport by Rab GTPases

Ilme Schlichting

Heme proteins: control of reactivity via molecular architecture


SUNDAY Evening Session Moderator: Chris Abell

Michel Rohmer

From molecular fossils to genetically engineered plants: discovery and elucidation of an overlooked pathway for isoprenoid biosynthesis in bacteria and plants


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: Jan-E. Bäckvall

Jonathan Ellman

New methods for carbon-carbon bond formation

Matthias Beller

Homogeneous catalysis:
a key technology for sustainable chemistry


Special Afternoon Session Moderator: E Peter Kündig

Nicholas E Leadbeater

Metal-mediated synthesis without the metals:
From organometallic to orgaNOmetallic

Milton R Smith III

Catalytic aromatic borylation: a solution to
a long-standing problem in aromatic substitution


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: Johann Mulzer

Matthew D Shair

Towards a cellular target and mechanism of Secramine: a small-molecule inhibitor of protein trafficking discovered using diversity oriented synthesis and phenotypic screening


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Ben L Feringa

Atsushiro Osuka

Synthetic porphyrinoid chemistry

Harry Anderson

Packaging π-systems by rotaxane formation: insulated molecular wires and encapsulated dyes


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Christof Niemeyer

Kazunari Taira

Structural and stereochemical analysis of RNA cleavage by ribozymes and siRNA

Michael Famulok

Ribozymes for Drug Screening


WEDNESDAY Evening Session Moderator: Stefan Matile

Kevan Shokat

Chemical tools for deciphering kinase signal transduction


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: Peter Seeberger

Henk Hiemstra

Synthetic studies toward Solanoeclepin A:
a hatching agent of potato cyst nematodes

Larry E Overman

Stereoselective construction of all-carbon quaternary stereocenters: methods invention and total synthesis


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: Alain Krief

Karl Wieghardt

Coordination chemistry with organic radicals