40th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 16-22, 2005

Alain Krief


Bernhard Kräutler

Guest of Honor:

Sir Jack E. Baldwin


SUNDAY Morning Session Moderator: Ehud Keinan

Jonathan Clayden

Synthesis and stereocontrol with lithiated amides

Charles Mioskowski

High-throughput screening for the selection of bioactive natural products by immunoanalysis. Total synthesis of Norbadione A


SUNDAY Evening Session Moderator: Koji Nakanishi

David E Cane

The biochemical and structural basis of the programming of polyketide biosynthesis: destiny or free will?


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: Jérôme Lacour

Guy C Lloyd-Jones

Isotopic desymmetrisation in the study of metal-mediated processes

Keiji Maruoka

Design of C2-symmetric chiral phase transfer catalysts as truly efficient organocatalysts for practical asymmetric synthesis


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: Bernhard Breit

Paul Knochel

Stereo- and chemoselective syntheses with polyfunctional organometallics


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Don Hilvert

Ian A Wilson

HIV-1 and 1918 influenza virus: antigenic structure, neutralization, and vaccine design

Thomas Carell

DNA repair on an atomic level


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Klaus Müller

Klaus Müllen

From benzene to molecular electronics

Masahiro Irie

Photochromism of diarylethenes: from single crystals to single molecules


WEDNESDAY Evening Session Moderator: Bernhard Kräutler

Catherine L Drennan

Crystallographic snapshots of metalloproteins in action


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: Ian Fleming

Mikiko Sodeoka

Development of intracellular signal transduction modulators

John Louis Wood

Bridged polycyclic natural products: inspirational targets for total synthesis


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: Léon Ghosez

David A Evans

Control of stereochemical relationships in the assembly of organic structures