41st Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Bürgenstock, April 22-28, 2006

Bernhard Kräutler


Samir Z Zard

Guest of Honor:

Albert Eschenmoser


SUNDAY Morning Session Moderator: Samir Z Zard

Peter H Seeberger

Synthesis and chemical biology of carbohydrates

Antonio R Echavarren

New organic reactions through catalytic organotransition metal chemistry


SUNDAY Evening Session Moderator: Jay Siegel

Rainer Herges

Aromatics do the twist:
Synthesis of the first Moebius-aromatic annulenes


MONDAY Morning Session Moderator: Itamar Willner

Chad A Mirkin

Nanostructures in chemistry and biodiagnostics

Colin Nuckolls

Recognition, catalysis and electronics from smart surfaces


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: Marcel Mayor

Hermann E Gaub

Single-molecule force spectroscopy


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Herbert Waldmann

Don Hilvert

Molecular diversity and catalysis

Morton Meldal

Integrated combinatorial chemistry:
Molecular recognition and catalysis


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderator: Scott E Denmark

Shengming Ma

Control of regio- and stereoselectivity in electrophilic addition reaction of allenes

Ilan Marek

New organometallic reactions


WEDNESDAY Evening Session Moderator: Alain Krief

Donna G Blackmond

Kinetic, mechanistic, and theoretical studies of asymmetric organocatalytic transformations


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderator: Ronald Micura

Ronald R Breaker

Genetic control by riboswitches and ribozymes

Gerald F Joyce

Direct evolution of nucleic acid enzymes


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: Florante A Qiocho

Robert M Stroud

A two billion year old tale of membrane transport