44th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Brunnen, May 17-22, 2009

Ben L. Feringa


E. Peter Kündig

Guest of Honor:

Klaus Müller


SUNDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Bernhard Kräutler

Ian Paterson

Synthesis of marine polyketides as promising anticancer agents


MONDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Stephen Mann

Joanna Aizenberg

Templated crystallization on organic monolayers

Lawrence Que

High-valent iron in biomimetic oxidations of C-H and C=C Bonds


MONDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Helmut Ringsdorf

Alan Rowan

Catalysis and motion


TUESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: E. Peter Kündig

Christina White

C-H: A new functional group for streamlining synthesis

Dirk Trauner

The stereobiology and stereochemistry of nervous systems


TUESDAY Aftrenoon Session
on “Chirality and the origin of life” – Moderator: Ben L. Feringa

Five impromptus from

Bernard Kaptein, Günter von Kiedrowski, Meir Lahav, Stephen Mann and Jay S. Siegel


TUESDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Günter von Kiedrowski

Nadrian C. Seeman

Structural DNA nanotechnology: Using molecular information to control structure


WEDNESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Donald Hilvert

Chaitan Khosla

Modularity in polyketide biosynthesis

Hiroaki Suga

Genetic code reprogramming: A new emerging technology for the discovery of non-standard peptidic drugs


THURSDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Lee Cronin

Karl-Heinz Ernst

Aspects of supramolecular and single molecule surface chirality

Rustem F. Ismagilov

Stereochemistry, or the effect of space, at the level of a chemical system


THURSDAY Evening Session – Moderator: David N. Reinhoudt

Xiaoliang Sunney Xie

Probing biochemistry in living cells and organisms with ultimate sensitivity


FRIDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Hélène Lebel

Erik J. Sorensen

Efforts to rapidly form molecular complexity in natural product synthesis

Dean Toste

Catalysis via cationic intermediates