46th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Brunnen, May 1-6, 2011

Jeremy K. M. Sanders


Andreas Pfaltz

Guest of Honor: 

Dudley Williams


SUNDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Tom Fyles

Shankar Balasubramanian

Sequencing Nucleic Acids: A Passage from Chemistry to Science and Medicine


MONDAY Morning Session – Moderator: E. Peter Kόndig

Karl Gademann

Controlling biological processes with spatial and temporal control by synthetic natural products

Mohammad Movassaghi

Complex Alkaloid Total Synthesis


MONDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Ehud Keinan

Alanna Schepartz

Exploring sophisticated protein function with small molecules


TUESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Gebhard Haberhauer

Jason Chin

Reprogramming the genetic code

John Robinson

Protein Epitope Mimetics - Applications as Anti-infectives


TUESDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Helma Wennemers

Scott Miller

Natural Products, Synthetic Catalysts and Unnatural Products


WEDNESDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Andreas Pfaltz

Melanie Sanford

New palladium catalyzed reactions: mechanisms and applications in organic synthesis

Jin-Quan Yu

Ligand-accelerated C-H activation reactions: enantioselectivity and positional selectivity


THURSDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Donald Hilvert

Yamuna Krishnan

Molecular DNA devices in Living Systems

Hanadi Sleiman

Dynamic Three-Dimensional DNA Structures: Loading and Selective Release of Cargo for Biological and Materials Applications


THURSDAY Evening Session – Moderator: Jan van Esch

Marcel Mayor

Tailor-made molecules in physical experiments - a bottom-up approach to nanotechnology


FRIDAY Morning Session – Moderator: Kay Severin

Wilhelm Huck

Picoliter droplets to mimic the chemical environment within cells

Ivan Huc

Foldamers: expanding the chemical space