50th Euchem Conference on Stereochemistry
Brunnen, April 26 May 1, 2015

Antonio Togni


Paul Knochel

Guest of Honor:

Dieter Seebach


SUNDAY Evening Session Moderator: David Reinhoudt

Dieter Schlüter

Synthetic Two-Dimensional Macromolecules


MONDAY Morning Session Moderators: Klaus Müller / Andreas Pfaltz

Jinbo Hu

A Journey of Discovering New Fluoroalkylation Reagents and Reactions

Cristina Nevado

Mechanistic Diversity in Late Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions


MONDAY Evening Session Moderator: Luisa De Cola

Thomas O'Halloran

Inorganic Chemistry in Control of Cell Fate Decisions:  Single Cell Fluorescence Analysis of Zinc Fluxes Regulating Mammalian


TUESDAY Morning Session Moderators: Jan Bäckvall / E. Peter Kündig

Markus Ribbe

Nitrogenase: A Tale of Carbon(s)

Ben L. Feringa

Dynamic Molecular Systems


TUESDAY Evening Session Moderator: Lia Addadi

Ayusman Sen

Fantastic Voyage: Designing Self-Powered Nanobots


WEDNESDAY Morning Session Moderators: Paul Knochel / Antonio M. Echavarren

Sarah Reisman

From Terpenoids to Alkaloids: New Strategies and Tactics
for the Synthesis of Polycyclic Natural Products

Richmond Sarpong

Strategies and Methods for the Synthesis of Complex Natural Products


WEDNESDAY Musical Evening Eliana Burki (Alphorn and Vocals)
Samuel Siegenthaler (Guitar), Adriano Regazzin (Keyboard)
Thomas Reinecke (Bass), Lukas Gasser (Drums)


THURSDAY Morning Session Moderators: Alain Krief / Bernhard Kräutler

David O'Hagan

Multivicinal Fluorinated Aliphatics and Cyclohexanes

Matthew Francis

New Chemical Reactions to Make Complex Biomolecular Materials


THURSDAY Evening Session Moderator: Donald Hilvert

Cynthia Burrows

Adventures in Oxidative Damage, G-Quadruplex Topology,
and Gene Expression


FRIDAY Morning Session Moderators: Andrea Vasella / Samir Zard

Masayuki Inoue

Radical-Based Approach for Synthesis of Complex Natural Products

Jieping Zhu

Polycyclic Monoterpene Indole Alkaloids, Inspiring Targets for Total Synthesis