Conference Rules

The basic rules of this Conference are:

- Attendance is limited to ca. 120 participants.

- A suitable location should be chosen where the Conference can take place in a relaxed atmosphere, without too much ‘urban’ or other distractions – hence, the Bürgenstock or Brunnen.

- Speakers are chosen on the basis of their known ability to contribute substantially to the selected areas of the Conference.

- Lectures and discussions are normally confined to mornings and evenings, the afternoons being free for recreation or informal discussions.

- Within the formal sessions, the number of lectures should be two (maximally three) each morning, and one in the evening.

- Nothing is written or published. It is an accepted principle that information presented or discussed is not to be used elsewhere without the approval of the speaker or participants concerned.

- No photographs are allowed to be taken during the lectures.

- A small committee should be appointed to plan each meeting, under a chairman (President) who makes the final decisions about the program.

- The selection of participants should include a balanced number of junior and senior, academic and industrial scientists, with a reasonable distribution among the European countries.